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Library Lounges: Arts-Based Research: What is that?

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"The systematic use of the artistic process, the actual making of artistic expressions in all of the different forms of the arts, as a primary way of understanding and examining experience by both researchers and the people that they involve in their studies. These inquiries are distinguished from research activities where the arts may play a significant role but are essentially used as data for investigations that take place within academic disciplines that utilize more traditional scientific, verbal, and mathematic descriptions and analyses of phenomena." - Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research perspectives, methodologies, examples, and issues (McNiff, 2008, p.29).

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Arts-Based Research: What is that?

Find below the recording and slides from the March 17th Virtual Library Lounge.

Caroline Woolard's Floating Possibility | Art21 "New York Close Up"

Nick Ravich, Series Producer and Director, Art 21. New York Close Up: Caroline Woolard's Floating Possibility. 2017. Youtube,

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