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Citing and Writing MLA 9: Plagiarism

Information on style guides, specifically MLA (9th edition), example citations, and other resources for citing and writing.


Joshua Vossler's 2021 video about Using Other People's Ideas was created for the Library and Learning Commons at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ).


AUArts’ Student Code of Conduct states clearly that academic dishonesty and misconduct (cheating) not only have the potential to damage a student’s record and academic career,  but is also “destructive behaviour that can diminish the reputation of the institution and undermine the achievements of those who teach and learn in such an environment”. 

Plagiarism is one form of academic misconduct and defined in the Code as the “copying or representing the work of others, without giving credit to the authors, and submitting the work as one’s own…" This includes copying the work of fellow students, printed material from any source, graphics, data or research findings from any source, or material found on the Internet. Take a look at Joshua Vossler’s excellent and brief video on Using Other People's Ideas.