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Indigenous Art

Elders and Knowledge Keepers

What does it mean to be an Indigenous Elder or Knowledge Keeper?

We are grateful to have the opportunity to learn from members of AUArts Elder Council. To learn more about Indigenous Knowledges, or participate in Elder in Residence programming, contact 

Read about what it means to be an Indigenous Elder in Canada.
Listen to Elder Casey Eagle Speaker's explanation of what gift giving can mean.
Learn from Blackfoot Elder Martin Heavy Head about the highest concentration of rock carvings and paintings on the Great Plains of North America, in Áísínai’pi (it is pictured or written) (Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park), a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Citing Indigenous Elders

Don't forget to cite Elders and Knowledge Keepers in your research. For more information about citation practices and Indigenous Knowledges, following this link to the Citing Indigenous Elders tab in our Citing and Writing Library Guide.