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Google vs. Databases? What's the difference? 

We love Google, I mean, we love search engines, no question about that, but there are definitely times when we prefer to search databases. Why? Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Baidu...) are incredibly powerful tools which help you find a wide range of information, maps, browse the news, shop, let's face it, almost anything, anything on the web that is, the surface of the web. Even then, sometimes the bazillion hits are too much. If you are looking for more specific and in-depth information, you might want to try searching the Library's databases. 

The Library subscribes to several reference, image and academic databases which give you online access to primary sources (original, historic documents) eBooks, full issues of newspapers, magazines, journals, articles, high-resolution images and streaming videos and other multi-media content. You can search these databases alongside all our other print, media and electronic resources in Library Primo, the library catalogue, or you can restrict your searh to a specific database. There are databases which cover a range of subjects (ex. JSTOR for arts and sciences) and others which are subject specific (ex. Art, Design and Architecture Collection). There are databases which are format specific (ex. Artstor for images).