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Using Library Primo: Basic Search

Search, find and discover in Primo, our library catalogue.

Basic Search

Basic Search

Search keywords, subject terms, titles, or names using the search box. Pay attention to the scope of your search so Primo knows to search everything in the catalogue or restrict your search to specific scopes like electronic items only or physical items only. 


To search for a specific phrase, use quotation marks around the words:

"climate change" 

"performance art"

"golden ratio"

To combine and create more complex searches, use parentheses to group words together and Boolean operators (in uppercase letters) AND, OR or NOT:

"performance art" AND activism

(cats OR kittens) AND (dogs OR puppies)

"sans serif" NOT helvetica

(photography NOT fashion) AND race

Use truncation (shorten words) or wildcards (substitute symbols for letters) to broaden your searches: 

Truncate or shorten a word and use the * symbol to replace letters at the end of the word.

cultur* to find results including the words culture, cultural and culturally.

Substitute the symbol ? to search for different versions of a word.

wom?n to find results including the words woman, women and womyn